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News from our Climate Change Program

April 2015 Indian Communities Suffering from Destructive Coal Plant Sue the International Finance Corporation in U.S. Courts
March 2015 CIEL’s Reaction to the US Climate Commitment
February 2015 Climate change: tackling the greatest human rights challenge of our time
January 2015 Extraterritorial Obligations in the Context of Eco-destruction and Climate Change (También disponible en español)
December 2014 Rights of Present and Future Generations at Risk After Lima
December 2014 Hundreds of civil society groups demand human rights are enshrined in 2015 climate agreement
December 2014 Media Advisory: Human rights and climate change - The missing link for an effective climate deal
December 2014 CIEL to Attend Climate Conference in Lima
November 2014 CIEL Reaction to the U.S.’s Green Climate Fund Pledge
May 2014 Executives facing climate denial-related claims could be personally liable - NGOs
April 2014 Logging Concessions Enable Illegal Logging Crisis in the Peruvian Amazon
February 2014 Groups Appeal to UN to Halt Imminent Forced Evictions of Indigenous Ngöbe Community
February 2014 Young Filipinos file Supreme Court Petition against Government. Their Demand: Divide the Roads in Half.
January 2014 9 Groups react to retrograde fossil fuel support in Omnibus Appropriations legislation
November 2013 CDM Executive Board rejects Bonyic Hydroelectric Project in light of alleged violations of CDM requirements and human rights standards
November 2013 In Warsaw: Low Ambition, High Risk
November 2013 CIEL Reaction to Carbon Majors Report
November 2013 19th Conference of the Parties of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change meets in Warsaw
November 2013 US Treasury Announces New Guidance on Financing for Coal-Fired Power Plants in Developing Countries
October 2013 Fracking Dispute Under NAFTA Highlights Potential Pitfalls of EU-U.S. Trade Agreement
September 2013 Statement of CIEL President Carroll Muffett on the Release of the IPCC's Fifth Assessment Report
July 2013 Lawsuit Challenges Federal Financing of Coal Exports from East Coast Ports
July 2013 Keystone XL: Public interest groups call for Sec. Kerry to throw out tainted environmental study
July 2013 The World Bank's new energy strategy is both a valuable step and a missed opportunity towards alleviating poverty, tackling climate change, and investing in truly sustainable development
June 2013 Statement from Carroll Muffett, President & CEO of Center for International Environmental Law on President Obama's Climate Action Plan
June 2013 You are invited to attend: Human Rights Protections in the Clean Development Mechanism
April 2013 Climate Legal Action on behalf of Youth in the Philippines
April 2013 Civil Society and Entrepreneurs Call on World Bank to Clean Up Energy Lending
December 2012 At Doha Climate Talks: Failed ambition and unfulfilled promises
November 2012 Doha 2012: Act NOW, the climate won't wait
November 2012 Statement by CIEL President Carroll Muffett on the World Bank's Turn Down the Heat Report
June 2012 The Center for International Environmental Law (CIEL) is seeking a Staff Attorney for its Climate Change Program
May 2012 International Finance Corporation to be audited for its involvement in privatizing Kosovo's electricity grid
May 2012 At the UN climate talks in Bonn, Germany, CIEL's Niranjali Amerasinghe discusses how a lack of ambition may prevent nations from fulfilling even the most modest of their climate mitigation pledges even as emissions increase worldwide.
December 2011 At Climate Talks: Nations agree to do tomorrow what they should have done yesterday.
November 2011 This is a critical moment in the development of the international climate regime as Parties negotiate to decide the fate of climate action beyond 2012 in Durban, South Africa.
October 2011 Joint submission by CIEL, Earthjustice and Greenpeace USA on the national interest determination for the proposed Keystone XL pipeline project.
July 2011 Controversial coal projects continue to be registered despite serious concerns.
July 2011 UN panel calls for immediate suspension of coal power projects in the CDM.
March 21, 2011 CIEL report critiques World Bank energy policy: Analysis Shows Bank Failed to Fully Consider Environmental and Health Costs in Controversial South African Project
February 2011 The right to development is necessary to effectively address climate change.
February 2011 CIEL joins others in calling for an open and participatory process to design the Green Climate Fund under the UNFCCC.  
December 2010 Cancun resurrects multilateral process, says CIEL; UN climate negotiations catalyze new process forward for climate agreement.
December 2010 CIEL presents 2010 Inaugural Recipient of the Frederick R. Anderson Award for Outstanding Achievement in Addressing Climate Change: Alliance of Small Island States
July 2010 CIEL publishes Climate Change in the Work of the Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights.
May 2010 CIEL publishes Climate Change in the Work of the Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (CESCR).
May 2010 CIEL organizes a side-event on human rights, climate change and technology transfer.
January 2010 CIEL discusses climate change and the right to development at the sixth session of the High-Level Task Force on the Implementation on the Right to Development.
December 2009 CIEL organizes side event at COP-15 on: New Approaches to Compliance.
November 2009 Proposed Ex-Im Bank carbon policy undermines US Administration's commitment to phase-out fossil fuels. Read more in civil society letter from CIEL and others.
October 2009 CIEL will address the conflicts and compatibilities between the trade and climate change regimes at the American Society of International Law.
September 2009 CIEL and Friends of the Earth invite the public to Climate Change Policies & WTO Trade Rules: Conflict or Coherence?
September 2009 Is World Trade Law a Barrier to Saving Our Climate?
June 2009 In a dialogue with member states, CIEL urges the Human Rights Council to take action to ensure that climate change does not harm human rights. CIEL statement available here.
May 2009 CIEL presents Issue Brief on Climate Change and Human Rights in Bonn, Germany.
May 2009 CIEL organizes Technology and Finance Workshops at D92 NGO Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen and provides discussion papers on Technology Cooperation, Trade and Climate Change, and Legal Architecture.
May 2009 Climate Action Network urges the UNFCCC to include an effective technology transfer mechanism in the Copenhagen climate deal.
March 2009 The Friedrich Erbert Foundation and the Center for International Environmental Law cordially invite you to to a panel discussion and launch of the new publication Practical Approaches to Integrating Human Rights and Climate Change Law and Policy
February 2009 CIEL pushes for effective Technology Transfer at the Climate Change negotiations in Poznan, Poland: Report of the CIEL Panel discussion with civil society and clean technology business.
December 2008 CIEL addresses the Human Rights and Climate Change Interface in a Conference at WCL celebrating the 60th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration on Human Rights.
November 2008 CIEL participates in OHCHR consultation on Human Rights and Climate Change.
October 2008 CIEL provides support for Maldives submission to UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights on the effects of climate change on the full enjoyment of human rights.
March 2008 CIEL co-hosts Climate Change Event at American University's Washington College of Law on March 20, 2008
September 2007 CIEL announces Climate Change Program Partnership with Philip Blumberg, Chairman of Blumberg Capital Partners
May 2007 CIEL releases in-depth legal analysis of the Global Environment Facility’s new, controversial Resource Allocation Framework, which currently applies to the GEF climate and biological diversity focal areas.
March 2007 Global warming and human rights gets hearing on the world stage.
December 2005 Inuit File Petition with Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, Claiming Global Warming Caused by United States Is Destroying Their Culture and Livelihoods.
October 2005 The Legal Dimensions of Climate Change: A conference by and for the legal profession. Follow-up actvities to be announced soon.
July 2005 Despite US foot-dragging, G8 leaders send a strong signal on global warming.
February 2005 As the Kyoto Protocol enters into force, the United States must substantially reduce its emissions to prevent an Arctic meltdown and an end to the Inuit way of life.
December 2004 Inuit Leader Sheila Watt-Cloutier announces Intention to File a Human Right Claim Against the U.S. for Its Dangerous Greenhouse Gas Emissions.
November 2004 CIEL President Daniel Magraw challenges the Washington Post's claim that the Kyoto Protocol is a "Symbolic Treaty".
October 2004 CIEL participates in the 11th Annual International Law Career Forum hosted by the Washington College of Law's International Law Society.
September 2004 CIEL's President Daniel Magraw comments on Russia's decision to ratify the Kyoto Protocol.
September 2004 Head of Inuit group testifies about the Melting of the Arctic -- and the threat this represents -- at the McCain climate change hearing.
August 2004 New study shows parts of Greenland Ice Sheet thinning at rate of 10 meters per year.
July 2004 Eight states file Global Warming Lawsuit against utilities, bolstering claim by Inuit that US greenhouse gas emissions violate their human rights.
April 2004 CIEL Attorney Publishes Article Suggesting Legal Tools to Limit CO2 Emissions from New Coal-Fired Power Plants.
December 2003 Inuit Circumpolar Conference plans human rights action against US for damage to the Arctic caused by global warming.
December 2003 CIEL proposed an alternative to the Kyoto Protocol's Cap and Trade System for developing countries at the 9th Conference of the Parties to the Climate Convention, 1-12 December 2003 in Milan, Italy.
October, 2003 U.S. Senate fails to pass the Climate Stewardship Act on October 30th, 2003.
September 2003 CIEL responds to EPA's denial of its own authority to regulate greenhouse gases under the Clean Air Act.
November 2002 Global Warming, Energy and the World Summit on Sustainable Development.
February 2002 CIEL Condemns Bush's Greenhouse Gas Plan as Inadequate to Fight Global Warming Threat.
November 2001 Hard Work by Environmentalists Makes Climate Negotations in Marrakech, Morocco a success.
October 2001 CIEL attends Seventh Conference of the Parties in Marrakech, Morocco, October 29 -November 10.
September 2001 CIEL prepares Legal Memorandum: Mandate of COP to Adopt Compliance Procedures and Mechanisms.
July 2001 Bonn Agreement: A Milestone for Climate Protection.
July 2001 CIEL's Summary of the Compliance Mechanism at the Bonn Climate Change Conference.
June 2001 Europe: A Committment to Kyoto (Op-Ed article in the Washington Post)
June 2001 Developing Country Commitments? Ask George Bush (Senior).
May 2001 Bush Energy Plan Violates International Law.
May 2001 Congressman Menendez Achieves Global Warming Victory in the House of Representatives.
April 2001 Urge Bush to Keep His Campaign Promise and Stop Global Warming!  Find out what you can do at the Natural Resource Defense Council, Greenpeace - U.S.A., Friends of the Earth - Europe and CorpWatch .
March, 2001 Attorney Glenn Wiser discusses the disconnect between the IPCC reports concerning the impacts of global warming on future generations, and proposed budget surplus fixes.
March 2001 Urge Bush to Keep His Campaign Promise and Stop Global Warming!  Find out what you can do at the Natural Resource Defense Couclass="internal" ncil and Greenpeace - U.S.A..
March 2001 In “Kyoto, Costs,and Compliance: A Public Interest Lawyer’s View of COP6,” CIEL attorney Glenn Wiser reports on his efforts with the Climate Action Network to prevent a “price cap” rule from being adopted for the Kyoto Protocol by the Sixth Conference of the Parties (COP6) at The Hague.
June 2001 View the Quito Declaration from the 4 - 6 May, 2000 workshop in Ecuador regarding "Climate Change Convention and the Clean Development Mechanism (also available in Spanish).
March 2000 Submission by US Climate Action Network in Response to the Note by the Chairman on the Contract Group on Mechanisms

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