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International Financial Institutions Program News

May 2015 IFC Boosts Investment in Contested Canadian Mining Project in Colombia Despite Ongoing Investigation
April 2015 Indian Communities Suffering from Destructive Coal Plant Sue the International Finance Corporation in U.S. Courts
April 2015 Tell the World Bank not to Risk Human Rights and Human Lives - Real Development Requires Strong Safeguards!
April 2015 International Coalition Warns: World Bank Driving Hazardous Development
April 2015 10,000 People from 90 Countries Demand World Bank Respect Human Rights
December 2014 US Congress opposes World Bank plan to weaken environmental and social protections,seeks transparency about “beneficial owners” of shell companies.
August 2014 New investigation finds ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy leads to IFC blunders in Honduras human rights scandal
June 2014 Civil society organizations respond to omissions and unclear path forward in the International Finance Corporation's "Lessons Learned" presentation to World Bank
April 2014 Civil Society calls on the World Bank to address human rights violations associated with World Bank funded development projects
February 2014 European Bank for Reconstruction and Development: Draft Environment and Social Policy Retreats on Human Rights
Feburary 2014 Young Filipinos file Supreme Court Petition against Government. Their Demand: Divide the Roads in Half.
January 2014 The Guide for Potential Amici in International Investment Arbitrations
January 2014 World Bank forced to admit failings on controversial human rights scandal
January 2014 World Bank funding a company implicated in human rights abuses in Honduras
November 2013 Civil society expresses concern about the trend by World Bank Group Management to refute, deny or otherwise fail to act on critical findings of its accountability mechanisms
August 2013 CIEL and partner organizations are searching for a consultant to help build a global coalition and devise a campaign strategy on Human Rights & Development Finance Institutions
July 2013 Lawsuit Challenges Federal Financing of Coal Exports from East Coast Ports
July 2013 The World Bank's new energy strategy is both a valuable step and a missed opportunity towards alleviating poverty, tackling climate change, and investing in truly sustainable development
April 2013 Civil Society and Entrepreneurs Call on World Bank to Clean Up Energy Lending
March 2013 New CIEL blog post asks #Whatwillittake for the World Bank to uphold human rights?
January 2013 The World Bank's private sector financing arm doesn't know the environmental and social impacts of nearly half its portfolio
October 2012 Civil society fears World Bank poised to weaken its social and environmental policies and procedures
October 2012 CIEL is seeking a Senior Attorney for our International Finance project
May 2012 International Finance Corporation to be audited for its involvement in privatizing Kosovo's electricity grid
April 2012 Civil society organziations call for greater scrutiny of hedge funds and banks used to finance development.
November 2011 U.S. Senators urge strengthening of the World Bank's new approach to lending - Program-for-Results (P4R) lending.
March 2011 Getting the International Finance Corporation to respect and protect human rights.
February 2011 World Bank Inspection Panel under threat.
January 2011 CIEL hosts Human Rights and Private Sector Investment: Views from the Global South, February 1st, 2011.
October 2010 CIEL hosted a Civil Society meeting to discuss the IFC's review of its Policy and Performance Standards on October 6th, 2011
September 2010  Civil society organizations demand reform of World Bank Group lending to private corporations
August 2010  CIEL submits Palm Oil Strategy Review Comments to the World Bank Group
March 2010  Civil Society organizations from around the world call on the IFC to strengthen its environmental and social standards to ensure that its loans to private corporations benefit local communities and do not adversely impact the environment and human rights.
November 2009 CIEL hosted a discussion about the International Finance Corporation’s investments in Indonesian palm oil.
November 2009  Proposed Ex-Im Bank carbon policy undermines US Administration's commitment to phase-out fossil fuels. Read more in civil society letter from CIEL and others.
November 2009  CIEL and Bretton Woods Project formally request that the U.N. Special Representative on Business and Human Rights help ensure that the Performance Standards of the International Finance Corporation provide a robust framework for securing human rights.
October 2009  CIEL and colleagues submit suggestions for strengthening the accountability mechanism of the African Development Bank, the Independent Review Mechanism.
February 2009  Investigation Finds that OPIC Denied that Project-Affected Community is Indigenous, Did Not Comply with its Policies
February 2009  The International Finance Corporation Improperly Interferes in Pending Investigation on Biofuels.
November 2008  CIEL prepares analysis of the Asian Development Bank's proposed "Country Systems Strategy" for civil society consultations on the ADB's proposed "Safeguard Policy Statement.
October 2008  Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General on business & human rights, John Ruggie, thanks CIEL and colleagues for the "extensive analysis" in their submission, "The International Finance Corporation's performance standards and the Equator Principles:  respecting human rights and remedying violations?"
August 2008  CIEL and colleagues find that the International Finance Corporation and leading international banks do not have a robust framework for minimizing the social risks posed by their projects.
April 2008  Civil Society Organizations urge World Bank President Zoellick to reform process for selecting panel members to the World Bank accountability mechanism
April 2008  CIEL participates in event on World Bank-Financed Water Projects on 15 April 2008.
April 2008  CIEL discusses the World Bank's Country Systems approach at the World Bank Spring Meetings
April 2008  CIEL urges Inter-American Development Bank Executive Directors to ensure much-needed reform of the IDB Accountability Mechanism
March 2008  Victims of Biofuel:  Nicaraguan Communities Affected by IFC-Funded Ethanol Plant File Complaint
December 2007  CIEL publishes The Citizen's Guide to the OPIC Accountability Mechanism to help give local communities affected by OPIC-supported projects a voice in the development process
May 2007  CIEL releases in-depth legal analysis of the Global Environment Facility’s new, controversial Resource Allocation Framework, which currently applies to the GEF climate and biological diversity focal areas.
March 2007  CIEL analyzes the human rights responsibilities of International Financial Institutions at a public hearing held at the Inter-American Commission of Human Rights
November 2006  CIEL and NGO colleagues comment on Environment, Health and Safety Guidelines of the World Bank
January 2006 ECA Watch Coalition submits comments regarding the implementation of the OECD Recommendation on Common Approaches on Environment and Officially Supported Export Credits
November 2004  CIEL's analysis of the World Bank's proposed country systems approach identifies nearly 150 areas of policy weakening and 20 areas of strengthening.
November 2003 Civil society organizations challenge the latest Revised Draft OECD Recommendation on Common Approaches on Environment and Officially Supported Export Credits of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development
November 2003 CIEL expresses concerns over the proposed Baku-Tblisi-Ceyhan oil pipeline project to the International Finance Corporation and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
October 2003 The Inspection Panel: Accountability and Participation at the World Bank; Remarks of Daniel B. Magraw, President Center for International Environmental Law, as presented at the Annual Meetings of the World Bank Group and International Monetary Fund on September 22, 2003 in Dubai, UAE
June 2003 Responding to a complaint from Pehuenche Communities in southern Chile, the CAO of the World Bank's International Finance Corporation has recently released its Assessment Report of IFC's involvement in the Pangue/Ralco Hydro-electric Project
June 2003 Civil society organizations around the world call on the International Commission on Large Dams to incorporate the recommendations of the World Commission on Dams into their new Code of Ethics
March 2003 CIEL Comments on the Draft "Procedures to Submit Objections Concerning the Japan Bank for International Cooperation's Guidelines for Confirmation of Environmental and Social Considerations"
February 2003 CIEL questions President of Inter-American Development Bank over systematic problems with the structure and procedures of the Independent Investigation Mechanism
February 2003 Secretive World Bank Tribunal Bans Public and Media Participation in Bechtel Lawsuit Over Access To Water
November 2002 CIEL comments on the the Draft "Review of IFC's Safeguard Policies"
November 2001 Police arrest Environmental Activist, Opposition Leader in Tanzania
September 2001 Environmental and human rights NGOs call for independent review of Forced Displacement and Alleged Massacre at Bulyanhulu, Tanzania
May 2001 Stop the World Bank's efforts to help Shell drill for oil in the politically volatile and environmentally sensitive Niger Delta
April 2001 World Bank Weakening Involuntary Resettlement Policy; learn about the policy to protect communities from displacement!
February 2001 Read the open letter to the President of the World Bank Concerning the International Advisory Group
February 2001 Environmentalists Express Concern Regarding World Bank Resettlement Policy Draft
February 2001 Environmentalists Express Concern as World Bank Announces Watchdog for Chad-Cameroon Pipeline
January 2001 World Bank Weakening Resettlement Policy - click here for update, access to the internal draft policy, and what you can do
October 2000 NGO comments to the Draft Terms of Reference for the International Advisory Group (Chad Cameroon Pipeline)
September 2000 Profiling Problem Projects - Making the Case for Change at the International Finance Corporation
August 2000 VICTORY! World Bank Effort to Support China's Population Transfer Into Tibet is Defeated!
June 2000 All Gloves Are OFF!   The Final Stretch in the Campaign to Stop the World Bank's China-Tibet resettlement Project.
June 2000 Chad Military Threatens Citizens with Death for Opposing a Controversial Oil Pipeline Set for Approval by World Bank
April 2000 More than 10 Million Poor Displaced by World Bank Projects Activists Demand Moratorium, Reparations
August 1999 Researcher Injured While Investigating Controversial World Bank Project in China
April 1999 World Bank Board Approves Controversial Proposal To Change Inspection Panel
April 1999 Environmentalists Welcome New Environmental Watchdog At IFC And MIGA
May 1998 Yacyreta and Singrauli Update: Action Needed Now
February 1998 Claimants Address World Bank Board of Executive Directors
January 1998 International Lawyers Worldwide Call For Strengthening of the Inspection Panel
September 1997 World Bank Board of Executive Directors Votes on Singrauli and Itaparica Claims
July 1997 Independent Review Confirms IFC Covered Up Social and Environmental Impacts from Chilean Dam Project
April 1997 Villagers Challenge World Bank Role in Thermal Power Projects in Singrauli, India
April 1997 Report on Controversial Chilean Dam Submitted to World Bank President
March 1997 World Bank Authorizes Inspection into Massive Dam Project in Argentina and Paraguay


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