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CIEL is pleased to offer the media access to its environmental experts.  To arrange for interviews with our lawyers, policy experts and executives, please contact the expert directly or send an email to

Issue Expert(s)
Climate Change

Carroll Muffett
Niranjali Amerasinghe
Alyssa Johl

Allison Silverman


David Azoulay
Marcos Orellana


David Azoulay
Baskut Tuncak

World Bank and International Financial Institutions

Carla Garcia Zendejas
Jocelyn Medallo

Mining and Communities

Amanda Kistler
Marcos Orellana

Human Rights and Environment

Marcos Orellana

Climate Change and Human Rights

Marcos Orellana
Carroll Muffett
Alyssa Johl


David Azoulay


Melisssa Blue Sky
Matt Finer
Carroll Muffett
Kris Genovese


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CIEL works to design and
strengthen international
environmental and health law,
including the conservation of
biological diversity, mitigation
of climate change, protection
of endangered species, and the
control and elimination of toxic

Fisherman under setting sun


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