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South Centre & CIEL Intellectual Property Quarterly Update

Intellectual Property &Sustainable Development

Overview of Developments in Multilateral, Plurilateral, and Bilateral Fora

The South Centre and CIEL IP Quarterly Update is intended to facilitate a broader perspective of international intellectual property negotiations by providing a summary of relevant developments in multilateral, plurilateral, and bilateral fora. Moreover, each IP Quarterly Update focuses on a significant topic in the intellectual property and development discussions to demonstrate the importance of following developments in different fora and the risks of lack of coordination between the various negotiations.

The CIEL IP Quarterly update is now published directly online, in a new blog format which allows for near real-time information sharing. Below are previous editions of the South Centre and CIEL IP Quarterly Update, which are also available on the IP and Sustainable Development Blog (here). Additional intellectual property-related documents are located on the CIEL Trade & Sustainable Development Publications Page and blog.

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