Steven Feit, Staff Attorney

Steven Feit LegalFellow2016_2

Steven Feit is an attorney* in CIEL’s Climate and Energy Program. Steven’s work focuses primarily on climate liability and finance. Steven specializes in developing legal strategies to hold fossil fuel companies accountable for the impacts of climate change and for failures to acknowledge climate risks, as well as works on issues of securities law and finance to accelerate the incorporation of climate risk into financial markets and disclosures. He was a primary author of CIEL’s Trillion Dollar Transformation report, outlining the fiduciary and financial risks of climate change to pension fund fiduciaries. He is also one of the primary researchers and authors of the Smoke And Fumes project, a public documentation of the early history of the oil industry.

Steven graduated from Cornell University with a BS in Applied Economics & Management and then attended law school at New York University. At NYU, he served as an editor of the Environmental Law Journal and worked for multiple environmental NGOs. During a semester in Buenos Aires, Argentina, he also worked for a prisoners’ rights organization representing incarcerated women against the Argentine government. Steven received his JD from NYU and joined CIEL in 2015.

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* Admitted only in New York and New Jersey; Supervision by Lisa Anne Hamilton, a member of the D.C. Bar.