CIEL uses four cross-cutting legal levers for systemic change to have the greatest impact in supporting our mission and the work of partners around the world:

  • Strengthening international law and systems to protect the environment and human rights;
  • Empowering communities to use international law to defend their rights;
  • Developing and advocating new strategies and global standards for international financial flows; and
  • Strengthening the legal tools to counterbalance corporate power and increase transboundary corporate accountability.

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Through using, strengthening, and continually testing these approaches across many aspects of our programs, our goal is to create new legal tools whose potential far exceeds our own capacity to use them. In so doing, we seek to empower communities and NGOs far beyond those with whom we work directly and, in empowering the broader movement, enable change at a grander scale.

To have the greatest impact, we focus our efforts in four key areas: protecting children and families from toxic risks; accelerating the transition from fossil fuels; slowing the expansion of minerals mining and other extractive industries; and safeguarding forest peoples and biodiversity.

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