Development finance activities can have profound impacts on the realization of human rights. These impacts can be positive, such as investments in health or education. On the other hand, and far too often, impacts can be decidedly negative, as in the case of forced evictions, and further marginalization of vulnerable populations and often indigenous communities. Despite many examples of their activities going awry, existing development finance institutions lack adequate protections to prevent their investments from violating the rights of those whom they are meant to help.

CIEL works to ensure that all development finance institutions, such as the World Bank, have strong, robust standards and systems in place to fulfill their responsibility to respect and protect human rights in all of their activities, while providing effective access to remedies when rights are violated. By promoting the principle of local participation in decision making, seeking stronger social, environmental and disclosure standards, and facilitating development and use of mechanisms to hold financial institutions accountable for their activities, CIEL seeks to promote a more sustainable and community-centered paradigm of development.

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