Forest Defender

CIEL’s groundbreaking website is an interactive online legal database containing a wealth of easy-to-access information aimed at safeguarding forests and sustainable livelihoods in the context of forest governance. ForestDefender can be used to ensure that required safeguards and rights protections are enforced in the implementation of climate finance initiatives, like REDD+.

ForestDefender is your go-to place if you want to:
• Find information about a specific country’s involvement in REDD+
• Discover what international obligations your country has to its people or extraterritorially
• Build a stronger command of a particular right
• Gain a better understanding of the rights implicated by a specific legal instrument

Alongside a number of other tools such as CIEL’s community-focused manual My Guide, A Community Resource Guide to REDD+ Rights, ForestDefender provides clear and concise information pertaining to rights in the context of forest governance for local advocates.