VIDEO: Tom Lantos Testimony on World Bank Lending & Human Rights, Part 2 of 2 (Chad & Honduras)

(This post is a continuation of the previous videos posted here.)

Continuing the coverage of ongoing review of the World Bank’s environmental and social safeguard policies, CIEL presents the second installation of videos from the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission Hearing on World Bank Lending and Human Rights. Over 18,000 concerned citizens across the globe tuned into the live stream on April 9, 2014, which showcased the powerful testimonies presented by five human rights activists from different regions of the globe. They testified to the environmental and human rights violations that occurred in the context of development projects funded by the World Bank. Hear what they had to say (note this is part 2 of 2, part 1 can be watched here):

Delphine Djiraïbé, Human Rights Attorney, Chadian Association for the Promotion and Defense of Human Rights (Chad)

Delphine Djiraïbé of Chad tirelessly advocates for human rights and works to hold institutions accountable when their operations and decisions negatively affect local communities. Her analysis of the Chad-Cameroon Petroleum Development and Pipeline Project has exposed the corruption within Chadian government, as well as the human rights violations and environmental degradation caused by the project.


Felix Valentin, Coordinator, Land Defense Program, Fraternal Black Organization (Honduras)

The mountainous country of Honduras is a popular vacation destination in Central America providing access to both the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea. However, it is one of the poorest and least developed countries in Latin America. Felix Valentin of the Fraternal Black Organization in Honduras testified that the World Bank’s International Finance Corporation-funded palm oil plantation in the Aguan Valley has failed to respect the rights of indigenous people, including their right to land. He voiced the concerns of the Garifuna community around the violent land grabs that have threatened the livelihood and wellbeing of his community.

To listen to part one of these testimonies, click here.

Originally posted on June 2, 2014.